To work with existing organizations nationally and internationally to promote healthier lifestyles through educational materials and brain-based programs


To empower individuals, organizations, and communities to move toward a more optimal state of high-level wellness


To motivate individuals to practically apply current research that can help them achieve better health and a longer life To help individuals feel better, look better, think more clearly, and possess energy to live an active life by providing easily applied, practical principles of health education and disease prevention

Pacific health education center’s (PHEC) Moto is “The Joy Of Service “. 


PHEC envisions establishing centers of health around the world that will address the real health needs of people. 

Our mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve an optimal state of wellness by providing resources and guidance.


Our desire is to accomplish three primary goals: 

1. To create healthier individuals and communities by providing brain function and health education information.


2. To Help people feel better, look better, think more clearly and possess adequate energy for an active life by providing practical and doable principles of health education and disease prevention that can be easily applied


3. To provide relevant resources related to brain and health education materials for both adults and children through seminars, workshops, books, DVDs, cooking classes and other related activities.


PHEC is in the business assisting people. We value community engagement, practicing compassion, exhibiting empathy, and developing friendships and partnerships. 

Since 1987 PHEC has trained over 800 health educators who are dispersed throughout the world providing health education to approximately 54 countries. 


PHEC has served Kern county families as it has partnered with the Kern County department of human services to provide health lectures and cooking classes to our approximately 120,000 Cal-fresh recipients, 70,000 senior citizens and presented special children’s health programs in the 27 libraries located in the Kern county area.


In January 2015 PHEC Conducted it’s first Longevity Lifestyle Matters (LLM) program in the PHEC headquarters auditorium located in Bakersfield. In only 12 weeks, attendees in the completely filled program learned how to adjust their thinking and consequently their lifestyles in ways that allowed them to feel better, look better, and think more clearly. 


LLM is a Brain – based program -because everything began in the brain – designed to help individuals stay healthier and younger for longer. LLM programs are 

currently being held in multiple countries including Australia, the Philippines, Scotland, India, and of coarse United States.


Two children’s health programs are under development. The first one is a fun-field physiology – based ,eight – lesson program entitled “ The Mighty 8.” Kids need to know how their bodies work because it’s main job is to carry their brain around – and it needs to do that safely. 


The second program, “ The Brain Zone,” consist of 12 lessons designed to help kids learn how to keep their brains healthy and use them by design to be successful in life. After all, the body prefers to carry a brain around that is functioning at peak efficiency. 


Many adults are suffering from childhood experiences that negatively impacted them in childhood. 


PHEC is pleased to sponsor a variety of community presentation to provide practical information on relevant topics including: Family – of – origin work; Raise your emotional intelligence (EQ); Family finances made easy; Loss and grief recovery; Depression prevention and recovery; Male – Female differences, designed to enhance cross-gender communication; and many other lecture/workshops to benefit the real needs of the people in our communities. 


PHEC believes people are our greatest resource and we must do all we can to develop and protect and motivate it for greater service.


Engage with communities

Evidence compassion for people

Connect with individuals in their real and felt needs

Promote and model healthy friendships


President: Kevin Fischer MBA
Treasurer: Nelson Tabingo MBA
Secretary: Brian Neal MA
Ex-Officio Member: Steve Horton MPH, PHEC CEO


Daniel Mendez MBA, Marketing and Development
Michael Hudson, Media Executive
Esther Alonso-Neal MSN, Community Health Education
Arlene R. Taylor PhD, Brain Function Specialist



Administrative Assistant/Office Manager


T: 661.633.5300

F: 661.633.5311 

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